"The fuck is that?" says Talbot, gawking
from the far-side of the room, eyeing
the side of the screen that this isn't.
"The fuck is that that's there, next,
that you have?"

"S'a self portrait" I says.

"A self portrait..." says he. "Of who?"

A shrug. "I dunno yet."

* * *

Mondo Irlando is a thing all about what
the thing that I am might be doing at
one time or other owing to thoughts
thunk and stuff seen and stuff heard and
this class of caper. It has words and
songs and pictures. It also has some
adverts for things I know nothing about
and had nothing to do with and which
seem to involve mortgages a lot of the
time. It is currently all a-twitchin
tween the jaws of reconstruction.

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