September 29 is considered to be the feast of archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. For many years, the day was honored by Catholics. There is a need to know who archangels are? What influence they have in your life, and whether they exist? Just click here to learn more about archangels. The following are some of the crucial things you ought to know regarding archangels.

Lower Rank of Angels

It is said that angels are divided into different ranks, known as nine choirs. The hierarchy is found in Holy Scripture. This is the ranking from the highest to the lowest: Seraphim, Cherubim, Throne, Dominations, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Archangels, and Angels.

Deliver Messages

You should note that lower ranks of angels are quite familiar as they are the ones that interact with people. Archangels are used by God to deliver important messages. It is believed that Archangel Michael delivered God’s divine inspiration. Thus, the Book of Revelation is inspired by the Archangel. Michael is popularly known for expelling Lucifer from heaven.

The other Archangel who was sent to earth was Saint Gabriel. He helps Daniel accomplish his mission on earth. Also, Gabriel was sent to Mary, the mother of Jesus and Zachariah. Saint Gabriel delivered the most important message ever that God was to send His only son to earth to save mankind.

Saint Raphael is sent to deliver and heal. Disguised as a human being, he guides Tobias and instructs him on the right thing to do.

They Have No Physical Body

You should note that angels are spirits. Therefore, they do not have any physical material. Although they can appear as humans, it is just a façade. Since they do not have a body, they cannot occupy space like human beings. Thus, they can freely move around the world without occupying space. Ideally, angels move instantaneously.

Swords and wings are artistic representations of their actions and the roles they are assigned. In this case, they are protectors and messengers.

Protect People from Evil

As noted above, Saint Michael expelled Lucifer from heaven. This means that archangels can fight demons that torment you and protect you from their negative influence. It is advisable to recite the prayer of Saint Michael when faced with demons.

They Still Exist

Archangels were created as immortal spirits, and they will exist for eternity. Although you cannot see them or feel them, they are real. In most cases, they are protecting you from harm.