Pregnant women are usually advised on all these risks and danger signs of miscarriage. However, for the first time moms, there can be panic or even the miscarriage itself, if they do not have the right information. For instance what to do if your saw light pink discharge coming out? Pregnancy isn’t without risk and sometimes, there can be complications that occur. Knowing the signs of when something is wrong is critical to any mother carrying an unborn child, and your body is the best way to tell if you need to call your doctor or not. While there are many discomforts and complaints associated with pregnancy, there are some definite red flags that you need to be aware of.

Danger signs of miscarriage


Bleeding, whether it is spotting or a massive gush, it maydfgdgdgdfg signal a miscarriage, and you should contact your health practitioner quickly, especially if you’re also experiencing pain in your back, stomach or abdomen. There are other causes of concern that are signaled by bleeding, such as placental placement complications. Calm, quick action are the best ways to handle this situation and your doctor will most likely want to monitor your condition.

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are a condition in which there is some swelling of veins in the anus. Women who are pregnant are susceptible to hemorrhoids during pregnancy due to having an increase in blood flow and blood pressure at the lower part of their bodies.

Facial swelling

Facial swelling and weight gain can be caused by pregnancy-induced hypertension called pre-eclampsia or toxemia, a critical issue that’s a source of concern. Should your doctor determine you do have pre-eclampsia, you and your baby will frequently be monitored during the rest of your pregnancy. If this is your second child, your risk of contracting pre-eclampsia is lower, but no less cause for visiting your doctor if you suspect the complication.


For most pregnant women, the most common trigger for their hemorrhoids is constipation. With the straining of constipation, where it is hard to pass stools, it is likely to cause her to have hemorrhoids. This is especially so for women who are pregnant more than those who are not, because pregnant women have added pressure to their veins.


dfgdfgdfgdfgThe point of this information is that complications do and can occur, so knowing what to watch for and informing yourself is a colossal part of being able to handle the situation calmly should something unusual raise questions. Often, even these red-flag symptoms can attribute to some common pregnancy complaint but confirming with your doctor is always the best course of action.