garage storage

The garage is an important part of your house. The truth is the garage is not just used for parking your car. There are many other uses of garage space like storage of various items and tools in the home. If you feel that your living space is squeezed, then it is time to think about garage storage. You will be surprised at how the garage space will free the congestion in your home and allow you live a comfortable life. If you are wondering how to organize your garage for storage, here are some tips that you should consider.

Garage organization tips

Do a clean-up

If you are planning to use your garage for proper storage, then the first step should be cleaning up. You need to do a proper clean up because there are chances that your garage is already piled up with all manner of items. You need to sort the items and organize them according to their use. By proper cleanup, you will get a proper idea of the items that you have in your possession. During the clean-up process, you can get rid of the items that you might not need.

garage storage

Create a storage plan

Once you complete the clean-up, your garage will be clear, and you can now create a storage plan. With a clear garage, you will be able to estimate the space and plan how to use it accordingly. For instance, it is possible to divide your garage into different compartments and use them for storage of various items. A good way to do this is by installing cabinets that will be used to store items in the garage. You can divide the garage using cabinets, hooks and other storage options.

Choose your storage solutions

Choosing storage solutions is one of the most difficult steps when it comes to installing storage solutions. You should use your storage solutions depending on the kind of items that you want to store. For instance, if you want to store bicycles, you can use wall hunger and hung the bicycles on the wall. Small items like hammers, nails, tape and other tools can be stored in the cabinet.

garage storage

Leave a path

It is important to leave a space where people will be passing when going to pick items. As much as you want to maximize your storage space. It is still important to spare some space for people to pass when going to and from the storage area.