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Once you have purchased your HVAC system, it is critical to ensure that you maintain it properly. When installing this system, you will be guided accordingly on how to manage it, and one of the worst mistakes you can ever make is ignoring the need to replace the air filter.

During those months in which your system is not in use, you need to change the filter. Failure to, when you turn on the system, you will notice that there is a musty smell that may end up triggering your memory. If you do not know some of the tips for selecting the right air filter, make sure that you read this post to be familiar with some of these tips. Here are some.

Filter Size

air filterOne of the common factors you are asked to consider when choosing the right filter is the filter size. However, before you rush to the market, you need to understand that most air conditioners need 1-inch-thick air filters.

Before making any purchasing decision, make sure that the filter’s dimensions are compatible with your air conditioning system. However, when you are shopping, you are likely to encounter various standard sizes for airflow systems replacement filters. But keep in mind that not every replacement filter will work with your HVAC system. Note that air filters should be correctly sized to hold debris, dirt, and dust.

MERV Ratings

When you are looking for the right air filters, one of the essential options you are asked to understand is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value Ratings. These are the numbers that indicate how efficient a given type of filter holds and traps onto large particles that enter your system. But it is important to consider selecting the right air filter with higher MERV ratings.

Types of Air Filters

Unfortunately, the MERV ratings are not the only factors that will have to make the right decision when it comes to buying the proper air filters. There are different manufacturers out there that produce a variety of air filters. Below are some of the different types of air filters.

Fiberglass Filters

air filtersAs a homeowner, when you are looking for the best replacement filters, these are the least expensive option for offering filtration to your premises. They are flat, and therefore this does not allow them to provide the higher MERV ratings.

But if you are only concerned with offering the bare minimum protection of your unit, then this might be the right option for you. The True HEPA filters, High-efficiency filters, and Pleated Filters are some of the types of filters you need to consider when looking for the right one.