In the 1990s there was a new thing in the fashion industry. A new cold weather wear, ponchos, and capes became the order of the day. In the early 2000s, the trend disappeared for a while. Now they are back all new and redesigned. The new way of covering up now is ponchos and capes.

General information

Ponchos and capes

blue capePonchos were initially made simply by creating a hole in blanket-like-material and for your head. The capes were made similarly but with allowance for arms. Now, there are lots of designs for ponchos and capes. Initially, they were made for cold weather, but some of the designs now are made just for style allowing for any weather.

Ponchos and capes – A must have

Any woman would testify that a poncho and a cape are a must-have. They go with any outfit ranging from official, casual and street style. They are ideal for covering up against cold or wind. Any woman with a sense of fashion should have one of these in her wardrobe.

Ponchos and capes designs

Ponchos and capes come in vast designs differing in material and length. For capes, we have long capes and short capes. We also have hooded capes and the ones without hoods. We also have leather capes and knitted capes. Ponchos also come in different designs and sizes. Ponchos can be as small as covering the shoulders only to as big as almost blanket size. We have knitted ponchos which are more preferred for their uniqueness. There are fringed ponchos which also seem to defy the test of time. Ponchos and capes are ideal and easy to slip in while on a rush, they can also be repurposed to a shawl at any time depending on the make.

How to wear ponchos and capes

blue capeFrom kids to adults, ponchos are ideal for any occasion. A style tip is that you have to find the right poncho or cape for your particular outfit. Both ponchos and capes are perfect for any boho style outfit. They can be worn with skirts or trousers alike. For ponchos, they are perfect to be worn with any boots. Both ponchos and capes will look fantastic with pants either skinnies, jeans or other types of trousers.

There is nothing new in the fashion world. The seasons change and we have to get something new in our wardrobe. When shopping for new clothes you should not only look for the latest designs in fashion but also different ways of how to put on the attire. Another important thing about style is to choose an attire that is likely to survive the test of time.