September 29 is considered to be the feast of archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. For many years, the day was honored by Catholics. There is a need to know who archangels are? What influence they have in your life, and whether they exist? Just click here to learn more about archangels. The following are some of the crucial things you ought to know regarding archangels.

Lower Rank of Angels

It is said that angels are divided into different ranks, known as nine choirs. The hierarchy is found in Holy Scripture. This is the ranking from the highest to the lowest: Seraphim, Cherubim, Throne, Dominations, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Archangels, and Angels.

Deliver Messages

You should note that lower ranks of angels are quite familiar as they are the ones that interact with people. Archangels are used by God to deliver important messages. It is believed that Archangel Michael delivered God’s divine inspiration. Thus, the Book of Revelation is inspired by the Archangel. Michael is popularly known for expelling Lucifer from heaven.

The other Archangel who was sent to earth was Saint Gabriel. He helps Daniel accomplish his mission on earth. Also, Gabriel was sent to Mary, the mother of Jesus and Zachariah. Saint Gabriel delivered the most important message ever that God was to send His only son to earth to save mankind.

Saint Raphael is sent to deliver and heal. Disguised as a human being, he guides Tobias and instructs him on the right thing to do.

They Have No Physical Body

You should note that angels are spirits. Therefore, they do not have any physical material. Although they can appear as humans, it is just a façade. Since they do not have a body, they cannot occupy space like human beings. Thus, they can freely move around the world without occupying space. Ideally, angels move instantaneously.

Swords and wings are artistic representations of their actions and the roles they are assigned. In this case, they are protectors and messengers.

Protect People from Evil

As noted above, Saint Michael expelled Lucifer from heaven. This means that archangels can fight demons that torment you and protect you from their negative influence. It is advisable to recite the prayer of Saint Michael when faced with demons.

They Still Exist

Archangels were created as immortal spirits, and they will exist for eternity. Although you cannot see them or feel them, they are real. In most cases, they are protecting you from harm.

flea bites

You’ll find it extremely tough to eliminate fleas unless you follow a really specific removal procedure. Human beings along with dogs and cats are in danger! You may use stuff like yeast and lemon juice to eliminate fleas on the pets. You must also pay attention to your yard since fleas can easily find their way into your residence.

Essential tips

Vacuum regularly

pest bitesVacuum every single room on a regular basis. You have to clean carpets, rugs as well as padded furniture along with dog beds one time each week. Sometimes vacuuming even 2 times per week is helpful.

Never use outdated preventive products: If you have old flea items at your house you should trade for something new. Outdated products may lose effectiveness. You need to check for brand new products that are available on the market.

Keep the garden clean

Fleas remain in shrubs as well as tall grass and, therefore, you need to keep the bushes clipped and the grass cut properly. Keep the yard open since the wind and sunlight can destroy flea larva. This also restricts the possibility for other creatures to present fleas by lowering the wildlife harborage.

Tale care of the rodents

Different outdoor wildlife like rodents, mice, raccoon, and so forth can have fleas too. Mice or rats at home may be a good source of fleas. Make contact with a pest control service and create control actions like bait traps around your home.

Wash the bedding

You can easily vacuum dog beds; however, you must rinse off all beds, rugs, and other sleeping areas regularly. You need to wash your pet dog’s sleeping area as this will eliminate the presence of fleas in your home.

Flea Bombs

Every residence contaminated with fleas must make it a point to set up flea bombs. Roughly 95% of all fleas reside in the yard as well as your home and using the flea bombs in the right manner will remove more fleas than just treating your family pet. Obviously, don’t ignore your furry friend.

Placing a Light

fleaAn easy home remedy is to place a light during the night in the area where the fleas are residing. The fleas will get attracted to the heat of the light. Position a pan full of water below the light. They will become weak after leaping to the light and then they will fall into the water.

cute white dog

Needless to say, having a pet is pleasing, but it can prove a hard task to manage.

Just like your child, your pet will depend on you for everything- medical attention, exercise, nourishment, and safety. Nonetheless, if you are well-prepared and love your pet unconditionally, caring for it will be an easy and enjoyable experience. Hence, this write-up is aimed at giving you four surefire tips to take care of your pets.

1.Ensure proper nutrition

It is imperative to know the feeding schedule as well as the diet of your pet. Most pets need to be fed at least twice a day while the kittenyoung ones will require being fed more than twice per day. Moreover, feeding your pet with a balanced diet will help prevent obesity and other conditions associated with overweight animals. Besides, a well-balanced diet will play a great role in managing any existing food allergies and health conditions.

2.Ensure regular exercise

It goes without saying that physical activity will keep your pet fit, healthy, and happy. Hence, it is advisable to make sure that you take your pet for a walk, run, or a hike at least twice per week. Nonetheless, if your pet lives indoors, it is paramount to provide it with some quality play time. It will give you the opportunity to get creative while having fun with the cool pet toys in your home. Furthermore, if your pet is a rodent, for example, a gerbil or hamster, you will be required to put an exercise wheel in its cage.

3.Provide a safe shelter

The list of the tips to take care of your pets will never be considered complete without the mention of safe housing. Your pet requires a place to call home. The proper shelter will ensure that your pet is newborn dogprotected from rain in the winter, cold, wind, and from the severely hot sun during summer. Furthermore, you should note that if you treat your pet as part of your family, it will be closely bonded to you. Therefore, even if your pet enjoys spending most of its time outdoors, it is advisable to ensure that it sleeps indoors at night.

4. Among the top tips to take care of your pets is ensuring proper health care

Just like you require regular checkups with your doctor or dentist, your pet needs regular checkups as well. Hence, it is advisable to take your pet to a veterinarian or animal doctor to check its general health. Furthermore, you should ensure that all the vaccinations that your pet receives are up-to-date and done by a professional.

icon for an wedding event

A wedding is one of your most important events in your life. This is why it is good to ensure that you plan for it in the most effective way. From engagement photos, choosing vendors and selecting your wedding party, there are many things that should be planned out in an orderly manner. Understanding how to plan a wedding is a key to its success. Doing the planning can be stressful and overwhelming, but if you follow the right tips, the process will be smooth sailing.

How to plan for a wedding

Set a good budget and stick to it

Your wedding can be very expensive, and like any other occasion or event; you might want to have extra items when the day wedding eventapproaches. This is something you should not do because you are supposed to plan a budget and stick to it. If you think there are things that might come up later, make sure you add them to your budget. To avoid inconveniences, aim to exceed the set amount when planning your budget. The most important thing is to be flexible with your budget and prioritize the most important things, or the must-have items.

Develop a timeline

The timeline is an important part of having a successful wedding. You should create a reasonable timeline, fit your schedule and map out all the due dates on your calendar. Depending on your wedding day, make sure you have ample time to make a plan and insert orders that can take plenty of time than others. Make sure you plan for the wedding when most of your important guests are available and inform them in advance.

Choose the vital details

happy wedding coupleAfter planning out the timeline and budget of the wedding, it is time to consider the most vital details of all. The size of your wedding will be the greatest determining factor of other details for your wedding. A great tip on how to plan for a wedding is to select the right venue, theme, and date. The process of choosing the venue is the same to choosing event venues for other kinds of events. Meet with venue owners and understand what they provide, have them send quotation and consider the dates they are available.

Select the right vendors

You should be diligent when you are choosing vendors. Find reference of the available vendors and contact them to find the best ones. Some of the vendors you must consider include beverage and food caterer, DJ, photographer, best wedding dress boutique and others.