flea bites

You’ll find it extremely tough to eliminate fleas unless you follow a really specific removal procedure. Human beings along with dogs and cats are in danger! You may use stuff like yeast and lemon juice to eliminate fleas on the pets. You must also pay attention to your yard since fleas can easily find their way into your residence.

Essential tips

Vacuum regularly

pest bitesVacuum every single room on a regular basis. You have to clean carpets, rugs as well as padded furniture along with dog beds one time each week. Sometimes vacuuming even 2 times per week is helpful.

Never use outdated preventive products: If you have old flea items at your house you should trade for something new. Outdated products may lose effectiveness. You need to check for brand new products that are available on the market.

Keep the garden clean

Fleas remain in shrubs as well as tall grass and, therefore, you need to keep the bushes clipped and the grass cut properly. Keep the yard open since the wind and sunlight can destroy flea larva. This also restricts the possibility for other creatures to present fleas by lowering the wildlife harborage.

Tale care of the rodents

Different outdoor wildlife like rodents, mice, raccoon, and so forth can have fleas too. Mice or rats at home may be a good source of fleas. Make contact with a pest control service and create control actions like bait traps around your home.

Wash the bedding

You can easily vacuum dog beds; however, you must rinse off all beds, rugs, and other sleeping areas regularly. You need to wash your pet dog’s sleeping area as this will eliminate the presence of fleas in your home.

Flea Bombs

Every residence contaminated with fleas must make it a point to set up flea bombs. Roughly 95% of all fleas reside in the yard as well as your home and using the flea bombs in the right manner will remove more fleas than just treating your family pet. Obviously, don’t ignore your furry friend.

Placing a Light

fleaAn easy home remedy is to place a light during the night in the area where the fleas are residing. The fleas will get attracted to the heat of the light. Position a pan full of water below the light. They will become weak after leaping to the light and then they will fall into the water.